• Gigi Hausman

Working at Steps on Broadway!!

Hey friendlies! For almost four months now, I've been in the Work/Study program at Steps on Broadway. Let me tell you, it is the BEST thing that's happened to me since I moved to New York. I straight up spend all of my free time at Steps--it almost feels like more of a home than my apartment! I've met such incredible people, students and teachers alike, and gotten the opportunity to take class from AMAZING professionals like Luis Salgado (In The Heights, On Your Feet), James Kinney (Sweet Charity, Fosse, Dance of Death), Al Blackstone (SYTYCD, Freddie Falls in Love), Chet Walker (Pippin, Fosse), and Edgar Godineaux (Ain't Too Proud).

I now keep a notebook full of things I learn every day. I write in it ASAP after class with specific quotes, ideas, or corrections I was given. I tell you, it's becoming quite full. I'm going to have to buy another one soon!

It's wonderful and exciting to show up every day. That's what people say--half the battle is showing up. Here's a nostalgic photo from my first day working at Steps:')

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