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The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

A few weeks ago I started The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. For those of you who have not read this book, I cannot recommend it enough. It's a 12-week investigation into who you are and the artist who lives inside of you.

I am currently on Week 3. Sometimes I get frustrated because it doesn't feel like anything is happening to me, or that I'm changing at all. But then there are little moments, like when I'm doing improv or drawing with my pastels, that I don't question what I'm doing or if it looks good. Or I sit down to write a poem because I want to, even though I've never done that before. I'm not so scared to try new art forms, and I'm not so self conscious of my art anymore. I feel excited to share myself freely and to support others' art, as well!

The biggest hurdle that has presented itself to me so far is choreographing. Since quarantine, I have fallen very in love with contemporary/modern dance. But, I've literally never studied it; my education is almost exclusively in theatre. I find myself being extremely judgmental of the things I choreograph, even though I'm progressing, as I said above, with not being judgmental about other art that I make. I never think my things are interesting or meaningful to watch. I feel like this stems from "not knowing how" to do this certain thing because I never received an education in it (a mental roadblock I've fought with many a time since dropping out of school).

I am slowly chipping away at this idea that I can't choreograph. The Artist's Way has opened many doors in my brain, and the morning pages have me writing thoughts down that make so much sense I can't believe I've lived 21 years without knowing these things about myself.

Updates to come! Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy :')

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