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NYC Debut! Being Cast in "The Only Coffee Shop in the City"

Hey y'all!! I'm super excited to announce that I've been cast as Carrie David in the upcoming production of "The Only Coffee Shop in the City" by Ellis Stump. "The Only Coffee Shop" will be playing off-off Broadway at the Hudson Guild Theater as part of the New York Theatre Festival 2019 on October 1st (6PM), October 5th (9PM), and October 6th (1:30PM).

SYNOPSIS: After a melodramatic college breakup, writer Carrie leaves one city for another to navigate the Kubler-Ross Model (DABDA), from Denial to Acceptance. She and an ensemble of initial strangers explore maturity, independence, mental health, and commitment both in real life and their imaginations--while maintaining pristine social media presence.

"The Only Coffee Shop" author Ellis Stump is an award-winning and published playwright, director, performer, and full-time screenwriter for a Berlin-based production company. She graduated in May from Penn State Schreyer Honors College with two majors, three minors, and two fellowships, and is now a Dramatic Writing MFA at Pace University and the Actors Studio.

"Ellis wrote a thesis on millennial cynicism as a coping mechanism, along with exploring television format and style in theatre and vise versa, and now considers herself totally equipped to create contemporary meta-dramedic (drama + comedy) satire. Or at the least, she'll critique, defend, and analyze modern audiences and this generation until it's overtaken by the next one."

--"The Only Coffee Shop in the City" on Indiegogo

That's all for now, folks!! Our first read through is on Saturday, and rehearsals begin in August. Follow us on Instagram @theonlycoffeeshop and support us on Indiegogo ( )!

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