• Gigi Hausman

Donation Class Series #2! Give to those with incarcerated loved ones!!

Hey all!! It's time for the second class in the donation based ballet barre series!!

This week, 100% of donations will go to Essie Justice Group. Essie is a nonprofit organization of women with incarcerated love ones taking on the rampant injustices created by mass incarceration. Essie's values include ideas such as being member-led, believing in the inherent dignity of all people, and building a Black feminist future that's liberatory for all. You can learn more about Essie by visiting their website ( I have also included a statement from their website in the second slide of this post.

To learn more about mass incarceration and the effect it has on those who are imprisoned and their loved ones, we can begin by visiting, or by watching the documentary "13th" on Netflix.

Let's dance for Essie Justice Group!! Class will be on Friday, August 28th at 12PM via my Instagram Live!! To donate, you can send a suggested $5 donation to @gigihaus on Venmo (again, 100% of donations will go to Essie). Once your donation is received, I will reach out to you for your email address so I can get you a donation receipt for your individual amount directly from Essie (for your records and peace of mind, and for Essie's records and donor data analysis).

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