• Gigi Hausman

Donation Based Ballet Barre #3! Support Black Womxn!

Hi all. The world is heavy. We must keep fighting for justice.

It's time for another donation-based ballet barre. In honor of Breonna Taylor, 100% of proceeds from this barre will be donated to Black Women's Blueprint (@blackwomensblueprint ), a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that works to place Black womxn's lives and struggles squarely within the context of the larger racial justice concerns of Black communities.

Black Women's Blueprint operates in many sectors, including Corporate Trainings and Sexual Assault Trainings and Workshops. Black Women's Blueprint also sees the value in art as healing and protest, holding the Mother Tongue Monologues ("a multimedia production...which brings together artists who take the audience though journeys, moments, incidents, and historical narratives giving new life to the struggles of...women of African descent today.") and A Joyous Revolt! (a recurring celebration of the works of Toni Cade Bambara that includes poetry, song, and dance).

Black Women's Blueprint is also involved in direct community outreach through The Sistas Van, which is a trauma-informed, survivor-centered, all-gender affirming, wheelchair accessible Mobile Healing Unit. The Sistas Van delivers groceries, childcare essentials, and offers on the spot crisis counseling. The Sistas Van also works to distribute emergency contraception, condoms, pregnancy tests, Plan B, and uterine and reproductive health supplies.

Let us support Black women. Join me for a donation-based ballet barre on Wednesday, September 30th from 1-1:45PM EST. All donations can be sent to @gigihaus on Venmo (donation receipts for your individual amount sent directly from Black Women's Blueprint will be provided). Once your donation is received, I will reach out to you for your information (for receipt purposes) for both your own peace of mind and for Black Women's Blueprint's records and data analysis. Again, 100% of proceeds will be donated to Black Women's Blueprint.

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